Servicing & Managing

To allow servicing and managing our solutions, they have been enriched with a set of tools.

A pure IoT solution shows the status of the devices in our webportals, allowing the helpdesk more insight in the actual state of the system. This allows quicker solves and larger remote solve ratios when issues occur in stores, raising the uptime.

In the event that an issue results in a site visit, you want to have the site up and running as quickly as possible. We have prepared our solutions to provide just that. Our webportal and engineer planning system talk to each other, to improve the service on site. The engineer can see the terminal and device status, previous issues on the site and configuration information in his mobile device. If there is no quick fix and a replacement terminal is required, the engineers tool easily allow this. Site specific network settings are locked in the system configu- ration, allowing the engineer to quickly and without typos, transfer the terminal configuration to the replacing terminal.

Finally a remote maintenance and monitoring system is placed on the terminals. This allows a deeper view of the systems for second and third line support, remote assistance of users, streamlining system updates and install and manage anti-virus and firewall settings of the terminals.